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Unique Event Technology, Lighting and Decor for Events
Wow Factor Effects, LED Lighting, LED Dancefloors, Flame Effects, Centrepieces and lots more.
The use of lighting is fast
becoming the main creative force
in event design in South Africa.

All our event products incorporate
artistic lighting concepts with
the latest event technologies.

THATS AMAZING has proudly
been a the forefront of event
design and innovation in South
Africa for over ten years.
Our events combine modern event decoration concepts with designer
lighting to create visually stunning events with the wow factor.
Our event products have been
used on some of the most high
profile events in South Africa.
THATS AMAZING has created many world first event concepts that
have been seen on some of South Africa's most exciting events.
Illuminated Forest Concept CT Stadium A spectacular avenue of giant tree lighting sculptures.
Under The Sea Spectacular Experience Ceiling transformation with giant illuminated sea creatures.
A Fire and Ice Extravaganza Special effects lighting inspired by the elements.
An Beautiful African Sunset Concept Wow! Guests were amazed at this incredible event concept.
A Night of The Stars Spectacular LED lighting effects used to their full creative power.
Spectacular Grand African Entrance Wow! Welcome to Africa in style and wow factor.
Incredible Large Scale Aerial Lighting Transformation of a huge ceiling into something spectacular.

Our diverse range of unique event technology products will transform
every part of your venue into something visually impressive.
Today's exciting events are looking for the latest
event technologies which we are able to offer.
We offer something amazing for event type of event.
The use of artistic lighting and technology takes events into a whole new dimension.

All our unique event products incorporate the latest lighting technologies. This enables you to create a superior style of event.
When you use our event products you are guaranteed something different. Your guests will experience something new.
They will remember your event and leave with a buzz. As they say at our events... THATS AMAZING!
THATS AMAZING stocks an extensive range of nearly 100 different unique event hire products.

We are pleased to announce the amazing success our new portable aqua bubble bars, DJ booths and lecterns.
Bubbles rise up through large water tanks which are it with a remote control LED colour changing lighting system.
This amazing event hire product is the ultimate in ultra modern event styling. It's a big talking point at events
and has caused a sensation when we have used it. The product incorporates a unique sealed water system
so the product does not need to be filled with water each time it is used. It is easy to transport and install.

A highly innovative and easy to operate portable LED illuminated flooring system that is lightweight and
quick to install. Used as an LED dance floor or walkway this product has proved to be a massive
hit at events. Guests are amazed when the floor is switched on and lights up. Having an LED dance floor
adds a whole new dimension to any event. The flooring is modular so it can create any size floor or walkway.

A unique 360 degree effects projection system for all types of events.
We can project moving visuals onto large surfaces such walls, ceilings or any white surface.
Almost any venue can become a blank canvas for our unique projection system.
Our range of effects projections include SNOW FLAKES, WATER, CLOUDS, FIRE, SUNSETS, etc...
This effect can transform venues into a spectacular visual concept.

A range of giant lighting sculptures that use air to blow up into their large impressive shapes.
They have an internal lighting system so the whole shape has a stunning glow effect.
As well as looking amazing they can also be used to create light in venues or outdoor areas.
Some of our lighting sculptures were featured on South Africa's premier design and style TV show. WATCH
These impressive event products create the wow factor at events.

An impressive range of large large, up to 4 meters diameter, ultra modern chandeliers and lighting props that
transform big venues and high ceilings. We have lots of styles, shapes and colours to choose from.
As well as creating an impressive ceiling decor concept these decorative lighting effects create light in venues.
You can beautifully light up your venue in colour ambient light to really set the mood of your event.

A unique cordless table lamp system where we can run any table lamp off batteries.
This amazing cordless lamp system allows us to put any table lamp anywhere.
You can light up your banqueting tables, lounges, buffet tables, or any area in a venue.
We offer a large range of table lamps styles including traditional, modern, contemporary and elegant.

Our illuminated air domes can create that ultra modern style you may be looking for.
The whole dome glows with it's internal lighting system and can be used as a modern lounge concept, stylish
dance floor, amazing bar, impressive entrance, a VIP area, illuminated chill out area or as it's own venue.
The air domes use a compressed air system to create their solid dome structure.
The size is an impressive 8 meters diameter and 4 meters high.

A starcloth is black fabric draping with hundreds of LED lights embedded into the fabric.
They create a stunning 'starry starry night' effect. Starcloths can be used as stage backdrops, venue
surrounds, room dividers, entrance tunnels, etc... They add depth, look modern and make a big impact.
Starcloths are an impressive event decoration option for today's exciting events.
THATS AMAZING has an extensive stock of this impressive lighting effect.

Unique battery operated LED flame lights. This effect creates a realistic flame effect.
The flames gently flickers out of a fire bucket. It creates an amazing illuminated table centrepiece.
The flame is an impressive 20cm high. We also have a colour changing flame light so you can have any
colour flame. The bucket can also be lit in any colour with a colour switching LED lighting system.

A unique sign system that creates custom illuminated signs for events.
An event sign creates an impressive focal point at an event. Use as a stage backdrop, bar backdrop,
entrance or anywhere you want to make a statement.
Create an LED sign for your event theme, brand or company name.
The LED signs are bright and can be seen from far away. They bring any event or concept to life.

Entrance carpets lined with embedded LED lights that create a 'runway' lighting effect.
The LED lights are permanently wired into the carpet creating a quick 'roll out' setup.
The LED lights are also designed to withstand people walking over them without damage.
When guests walk down an LED carpet, they know they have arrived somewhere special.
And many more unique event products from THATS AMAZING.
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